The 1st International Conference on Environmental and Life Sciences Technologies (ICELST)
The 1st International Conference on Environmental and Life Sciences Technologies (ICELST) will be held by College of Environmental Science and Technologies (CEST), University of Mosul (UOM), Iraq in 4- 5 October, 2022.

ICELST organized by College of Environmental Science and Technologies (CEST), University of Mosul (UOM), Statistical and Informatics Consultation Center (SICC), Dijla Co. Pvt. Ltd (Dijla). ICELST Aims to bring together all aspects and research works in scientific platform to disscusse the latest and new trends in topics covered under broad areas such as (but not limited to) Enviromental Sciences, Earth and plant, air, water, and earth Pollution, Geography, materials analysis and characterization, Environmental Risk Assessment, Energy, Renewable Energy, Geo-technical earthquake Engineering, Soil and Ground water Treatment Techniques, Radiation, pollution and sustainability, waste Treatment, ..etc. The conference is Co-published by ....

ICELST invites researchers and postgraduate students to an open forum where advanced in the area of Engineering Sciences can be shared. Accepted Papers can be published in any one of the following Publishers based on the Scope and field of your research work: 


ICELST Wellcomes submissions of Full length Papers, Special Sessions and Worshop Proposal based on the Following Rounds:
Groups(Lecturers / researchers / students / Foreigners).


FINAL PAYMENT DEADLINE         :  1 Oct.   2022
User Statistics

User Statistics

Welcome ICELST Conference Visitors 


CEST College
CEST College Conference Organizer
SICC Center
SICC Center Conference Organizer
Al_Ruaa CEO (NGO)
Al_Ruaa CEO (NGO)Conference Co-Organizer
University of Mosul
University of MosulConference Organizer

College of Environmental Science and Technologies, Mosul, Iraq

Keynote Speakers

A.Prof. Dr. Neyara Radwan
A.Prof. Dr. Neyara RadwanSaudi Arabia
King Abdulaziz University, KSA
Prof. Dr. Soumya Ghosh
Prof. Dr. Soumya GhoshSouth Africa
Natuur- en Landbouwetenskappe
Prof. Dr. María Rosa Cervera
Prof. Dr. María Rosa CerveraSpain
University of Alcala, Spain

Honorary Conference Chairs

Prof. Dr. Kossay Kamal Alahmady
Prof. Dr. Kossay Kamal Alahmady
President of University of Mosul
Prof. Dr. Yousra Majeed Alshaker
Prof. Dr. Yousra Majeed Alshaker
Dean of CEST College
Prof. Dr. Nabeel Kadir Al-Azzawi
Prof. Dr. Nabeel Kadir Al-Azzawi
Chair of Scientific Committee
Prof. Dr. Shaimaa Khaleel Ahmed
Prof. Dr. Shaimaa Khaleel Ahmed
Administrator Patron
Prof. Dr. Ali Basheer Ali
Prof. Dr. Ali Basheer Ali
Scientific Patron
A. Prof. Dr. Sundus Hameed Ahmed
A. Prof. Dr. Sundus Hameed Ahmed
Chair of Organizing Committee
A. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Jabbar Obaid
A. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Jabbar Obaid
Conference Coordinator

Organizing Committee

Organizing Committee

  • Prof. Dr. Taghreed Hur Majeed
  • Prof. Dr. Baha Rabah Ahmed
  • Prof. Dr. Hadeel Radawi Hussein
  • Prof. Dr. Zahra Izidden Dallalbashi
  • Dr. Ail Basheer Azeez
  • Dr. Shaymaa Khaleel alhialy

Organizing Committee

  • Prof. Dr. Inaam Ali Tawfeq
  • Dr. Ali Shakir Rashid
  • Prof. Dr. Sawsan Hassan Authman
  • A. Prof.Dr. Hadeel Radawi Hussein
  • Dr. Ali. Al -MUtalbbi
  • Asst. Lec. Suha Saad Ali

Scientific Committee

Scientific Committee

  • Prof. Dr. Nabil Kader Baker
  • Prof. Dr. Hashim K. Mohammed
  • Prof. Dr. Shatha Ali Shafiq
  • Prof. Dr. Sawsan S. Mohammed
  • Prof. Dr. Alia Essam Mohamood
  • A. Prof. Dr. Khetam H. Rasooil

Scientific Committee

  • A. Prof. Dr. Abdul sattar
  • A. Prof. Dr. Ayad F. Qasim
  • A. Prof. Dr. Mohammad I. Khalil
  • A. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Noori Mahmoo
  • A. Prof. Dr. Rehab A. H. Al-Baker
  • A. Prof. Dr. Ahmed J. Obaid

Conference Topics

ICELST Welcomes Submissions on Original Contributions are solicited on topics covered under broad areas such as (but not limited to):

ICELST Scientific Committee

Registration Plans

Publishing in Conference Journal || النشر في مجلة المؤتمر
$150Virtual Participating in Conference || المشاركة الافتراضية في المؤتمر
  • Virtual Access to Conference || الوصول الافتراضي للمؤتمر
  • Conference Certificates || شهادات المؤتمر للمشاركين
  • Publishing Certificates || شهادات النشر للمشاركين
  • Conference Award || درع المؤتمر للبحوث الفائزه
  • Virtual Attendance Certificates|| شهادات الحضور الافتراضي للمشاركين
  • No Coffee Break and Package || لايشمل حقيبة المؤتمر والماكولات
Virtual Attendance to Conference || الحضور الافتراضي لجلسات المؤتمر
$25Facilities of Attendance and Visitors
  • Virtual party Access || الحضورالافتراضي لايام المؤتمر
  • Conference Certificates || شهادة حضور المؤتمر
  • No Conference Package || لايشمل حقيبة المؤتمر مع القرطاسية
  • No Coffee Break Access || لايشمل الوصول الى الاستراحة
  • No Proceeding package || لايشمل حقيبة الوقائع كاملة
  • Thankful Certificate || كتاب شكر وتقدير من الكلية

About the Conference Organizer

About the organizer:
    Environmental specialization has become the pillar of the age, especially in civilized countries, because it has a direct relationship with human life and all of his activities. The College of Environmental Sciences and Technologies was established to be a scientific, academic and knowledge edifice to be added to the process of higher university education in Iraq. The college is unique in a distinguished geographical location with buildings and specialized scientific laboratories to provide an ideal scientific and knowledge climate suitable for the purpose of attracting students interested in the environment and preparing them to be the nucleus of the community in the environmental specialization and to contribute effectively and seriously in serving the local and global community because the environment suffers from an urgent need for such specialties. The college also includes an environmental advisory office that provides expertise and specialized laboratory capabilities for community service.
Our Message:

Contribute to spreading environmental awareness
Spreading environmental culture
- Preparing a qualified graduate by building a scientific background while acquiring experiences and skills that enable them to deal with environmental dilemmas, so that the graduate contributes effectively to work in the environmental fields after graduating.
Achieving sustainable development goals and a clean environment in the country


The College of Environmental Sciences and Technologies aims to complement its scientific and academic mission to actively contribute to the development of scientific knowledge for the youth of the country in order to facilitate university education services and increase the academic study opportunities available for the primary school stages, which include solid scientific topics related to the environment and in the academic, scientific and field style, enabling them to understand and diagnose environmental problems. and its causes, and work to describe it in a scientific and practical manner, and to develop appropriate solutions for it, through designs that address each case and according to its specificity. The college seeks to open new departments, namely sustainable energy, environmental health, environmental planning and development, and environmental laws and legislation.

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